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System Integrators
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A winning Alliance


The power of partnership

The need for sustainable profitability in a changing global market is driving companies to maximize their automation systems, thereby improving efficiencies and, consequently, their competitiveness.  To meet the evolving needs of our customers we need to harness partnerships with companies and individuals who reflect our passion for innovation, customer satisfaction and exemplary project execution.

A winning alliance

Dedicated to developing partnerships with the most experienced system integrators around the world, the SI Alliance partner program is dedicated to supporting system integrators who demonstrate extensive application experience, professional project execution and a commitment to delivering low risk solutions to meet customers’ business demands.

Find an SI Alliance partner you can trust

The System Integrator Alliance program brings together more than 900 partners in 30 countries, providing qualified local partners to deliver complete automation solutions across a range of industries and segments. Discover more about what our Alliance partners can offer you in this eBrochure. 

To find a System Integrator Alliance partner in your area, visit the partner locator.

Discover the SI Alliance Partner Program

Business growth:
Membership in the program offers our SI Alliance partners increased business cooperation, the ability to enhance their technical capabilities, while making it easy to work together. The SI Alliance program is about leveraging your local expertise together with Schneider Electric’s range of proven solution architectures, best-in-class hardware, and software to help you grow your business.

A versatile program:
To encourage and support a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our system integrators, we have designed three partnership levels to address different your business requirements.

Our partners specialize:
Are you an expert across the whole Schneider Electric automation offer? Perhaps your business specializes in a particular area? The SI Alliance partner program has designed scopes to highlight each partner’s area of specialty and skills with Schneider Electric offers:
PlantStruxure ; SCADA; Telemetry; PES

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Discover the power of partnership