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Protect electronics from lightning strikes

Damageable effects of lightning


Electric shocks


Everyday, such accidents are reported somewhere in the world.

Damage to people or, much more often, to cattle occurs when flash of lightning unluckily reaches the earth exactly at the person’s location.

When ?

Risk is high when staying outdoors during a storm, especially under a tall tree, in water abundant area, or in a large and clear area, such as a football ground.


Building fires

According to French INRS, 40% of building fires are caused by lightning, electrical faults ranking second.

When ?

This happens in case lightning strikes earth straight through the building,
Exposed are tall and sharp-topped buildings, buildings in damp areas or altitude, or isolated buildings on a flat ground. For the others statistical probably is low, but lightning is more than anything unpredictable !


Destruction of electronics


This is actually the most frequent case, as a strike falling nearby a power line , can be conveyed along and create damage in buildings miles away. A strike touching the ground in the building vicinity, can also “crawl up” into the domestic electrical system through its safety earth-bonding.

Disturbances to victims‘ daily life are heavier every year, due to :

  • Increasing value of everyone ‘s electronic equipment, and replacement costs


  • Dependence on this equipment, of our activities, both private and professional.


Average value of lightning-related insurance claims
Insurance Information Institute, 2012


insurance claims
for residential lightning-related damage
in the USA
Insurance Information Institute, 2011


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