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                        Smart Grid: Schneider Electric vision

                        Transforming the way we all use energy today


                        The world’s traditional electrical network – simple and linear, with centralized energy production and passive consumption – is undergoing a transformation to a much more complex, interconnected, and interactive model: the Smart Grid. However, for this network to become intelligent, users will require connectivity, simplicity, and security. They will also need access to a reliable and safe energy source that guarantees optimal operation of their installations, infrastructures, and equipment.

                        Get an insight on the revolution of the energy value chain

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                        The five mains triggers of the Smart Grid

                        Schneider Electric has the foresight, the offers, and the willpower necessary to be a major player within this energy revolution, as we enter a new era of intelligent energy management:

                        • With renewable energy, consumers can produce their own energy and access a 'greener' energy mix
                        • Flexible distribution enables a more responsive and stable electrical network
                        • Active energy efficiency and energy management make energy visible and allow individuals to act on
                          their consumption
                        • Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the perception of mobility and, at the same time, access to energy,
                          its use, and storage
                        • Real-time grid management enables anticipation of consumption and adaptation of the offer
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