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        CIRED 2015

        15-18 June 2015 – Cité Centre de Congrés, Lyon, France




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        A Trusted Partner for Smart Utilities

        There’s more to becoming a smart utility than just deploying smart grid solutions.

        Schneider Electric has a global understanding of the changing utility industry in today’s challenging context. Whether focusing on grid and network modernisation for flexible and efficient operations, making the most of existing assets, or planning how utilities will use grid data to improve productivity and customer satisfaction in the future, our teams help shape smarter utilities for the new energy world.

        We have broad knowledge of both the supply and demand sides of the energy industry—and how to bridge the two through operations automation and risk reduction, while providing innovative new energy services to gain a competitive edge.

        Visit our booth D3 at CIRED and meet our energy experts. They can walk you through open energy management systems, solutions, and software to enrich your enterprise by leveraging innovative technologies.


        CIRED 2015 accepted papers


        Paper Title


        S1 - Network Components

        Continuous vacuum monitoring for air insulated vacuum circuit-breakers

        Hans Schellekens, Christophe Preve, Venanzio Ferraro, François Bonnard

        New computational framework for analysing of short-time withstand current effects in switchgear design

        Shailendra Singh, Reino Hauck, John J Moncaleano Torres, Pavel Novak

        Modeling &Simulation extrapolated internal arc test results: A coupled fluid-structural transient methodology

        Jérôme Douchin, Emmanuel Frangin, Ezequiel Salas, Sandip Irade

        Contribution of the HV/LV prefabricated substation standard and practices to the robustness of the prefabricated E-houses

        Thierry Cormenier, Hervé Perraud, Lucien Sannino, Deddy Tubagus, Philippe BRUN, Matus KUSY

        Wireless connection in distribution substation application

        Patrick Pipet, Didier Leblond

        Impact of Operating Mechanism type on MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Reliability

        Juan Tobias, Jean-Marc Biasse, Philippe Picot, Denis Perrin, Marc Bonjean, Oleg Garelli

        S3: Operation,
        Protection and Control

        Flexibility Market Facilitation through DSO Aggregator Portal

        Guillaume ROUPIOZ (ERDF), Matthieu TERENTI (ERDF), Stéphane BEDIOU (Schneider Electric)

        LV4MV : A concept for Optimal Power Flow management in distribution grid, using DER flexibility

        Emmanuelle Vanet (G2ELab), Gaspard Lebel (G2Elab/SE), Raphael Caire (G2ELab), Nouredine Hadjsaid (G2ELab), Stéphane Bediou (Schneider Electric), Alain Glatigny (Schneider Electric)

        Volt VAr control at LV distribution level in the GreenLys project

        Jean Wild (Schneider Electric), Guillaume Roupioz (ERDF)

        S4: Distributed energy resources and active demand integration

        New approach to regulate Low Voltage distribution network.

        Christophe Lebosse (ERDF), Yves Chollot (Schneider Electric), Arthur Jourdan (Schneider Electric)

        Distributed and coordinated demand response for the supply of Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)

        Gaspard Lebel (G2Elab/SE), Raphael Caire (G2ELab), Nouredine Hadjsaid (G2ELab), Stéphane Bediou (Schneider Electric), Alain Glatigny (Schneider Electric)

        The VENTEEA 2 MW/1.3 MWh battery system: An industrial pilot to demonstrate multi-service operation of storage in distribution grids

        Didier Colin (ERDF), Jesus Lugaro (SAFT), Jean-Claude Pinna (Schneider Electric), Gauthier Delille (EDF R&D), Bruno François (L2EP), Christophe Caton (RTE), Giannino Martin (Boralex, France)

        Baseline comparison process for Demand Response

        Paul MOREL-BURY (ERDF), Guillaume ROUPIOZ (ERDF), Jean Wild (Schneider Electric)

        S5: Planning of power distribution systems

        From Data Collecting to Business Intelligence and Data Mining

        Enrique Ramos Martinez, David Pampliega Ruiz, Philippe Deschamps

        Sustainable Asset Management with flexible Service Plans

        Denis Koch, Emiliano Centenaro, Annabelle Defendini

        S6: Challenges of DSO regulation & competitive market

        Cost benefit analysis of energy boxes deployment in households in Europe: impact of SPOT prices

        Gaspard Lebel (G2Elab/SE), Raphael Caire (G2ELab), Nouredine Hadjsaid (G2ELab), Stéphane Bediou (Schneider Electric), Alain Glatigny (Schneider Electric)

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