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        World Gas Conference 2015

        June 2 – 5, 2015 Paris, France – Booth #L36B


        Discover Schneider Electric at World Gas Conference 2015

        30+ years experience improving safety, business performance, and energy efficiency.

        Organised only every three years, the World Gas Conference is the largest and most prestigious conference in the global gas industry calendar gathering thousands of leading energy players and decision makers.

        Schneider Electric is a Gold sponsor of the 26th edition hosted in Paris and presents the full portfolio of solutions for the gas value chain.

        • Offshore: We reduce offshore project CAPEX by up to 5% and OPEX by up to 6%
        • Onshore: By optimising resource utilisation, we increase production efficiency by up to 5% while also maximising recovery
        • Pipeline operations: We are the only company that provides an integrated software platform within our architecture that enables safe, reliable, and efficient operations from the field to the enterprise
        • LNG and gas processing: We remove risk and complexity from a project’s critical path, ensuring on-time and on-budget execution

        Schneider Electric enables more than 60% of LNG production in the world.

        • Software: Our integrated software suite enables predictable efficiency through simulation and modeling, asset management, and business intelligence; blending software maximises process throughput and yield
        • Energy and outage management: Customised power distribution solution, including control systems in customised E-Houses, accelerate commissioning
        • Safety system: Proactive incident prevention through complete abnormal situation management
        • Process automation: Proven process automation expertise that accelerates speed of deployment in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way
        • Instrumentation: Full range of reliable instrumentation for greenfield/brownfield projects
        • Life cycle services: Suite of services from energy and sustainability, to consulting and modernisation

        Foxboro Evo - Process Automation: The Land of Opportunity
        The Foxboro Evo process automation system protects the operational integrity of your plant, enhances the operational insight of your people and provides a future-proof platform for your operation.
        Industrial Automation Services: Maintenance Services
        Discover the maintenance and support services package from Schneider Electric for your total peace of mind!
        PACiS EMCS: A sensible solution for Oil & Gas
        If you want dependable energy and ensured safety, then what you NEED is Schneider Electric's PACiS Energy Management and Control System for Oil and Gas. Give yourself peace of mind when you go to sleep.
        EYESIM 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Training System
        With the aging workforce, high staff turnover, and expanding industry many new operators need to be trained. With the time to reach “error free” competence being long using traditional training methods the industry is looking to technology to help overcome the challenge.
        Smart Oil & Gas Field Solution
        Optimise production, minimise operating cost and improve health, safety and environment with real-time data.

        Don’t miss the Keynote session at the Conference on Wednesday


        Don't miss the Keynote speaker slot with Executive Vice President Strategic Customers & Segments, Mike Hughes on Wednesday June 3rd.

        Schneider Electric, ENGIE, Woodside, GE Oil & Gas, Total SA and Statoil develop the theme of the second conference day: “Gas, renewables and electricity: Together a perfect combination”.

        > Join us on Wednesday 3rd June from 2:20PM at the main conference in the Amphitheatre


        Download our FREE White Paper on “Workforce Enablement Technologies and 3D virtual reliaty training for safe operations”


        > Download it here

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        To know more 

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        Schneider Electric solutions


        Daily Lottery at #L36B!

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        From June 3-5, join us at Schneider Electric booth and try your luck to win an GoPro camera.