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Foundation & Philanthropie

              Employees’ involvement

              The Foundation strength: a network of 110 delegates in 75 countries.

              The strength of the Schneider Electric Foundation resides in its network of 120 employees volunteers
              Patricia Benchenna “Schneider Electric Foundation actions are driven mainly by its delegates – the Foundation ambassadors –, and the company employees worldwide. This network structure is an original and very suitable way to carry out locally-driven, human and long-term corporate philanthropic actions.

              Volunteer delegates are selected in each country and made official via a letter of appointment for a two-year assignment signed by the site and the Foundation managers. The delegate’s role is to communicate the Foundation information to his entity employees, to chose the supported NGOs and charity organizations and to animate the volunteers network.”

              Patricia Benchenna, Director of Schneider Electric Foundation Programmes

              An NGO for Schneider Electric employees and retired employees

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              Established in 2012 by the Schneider Electric Foundation, the Schneider Electric Teachers NGO supports and promotes voluntary commitment from current and retired Schneider Electric employees to teaching and professional training programmes supporting the most disadvantaged young people.


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