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Foundation & Philanthropy

              Organisation & Governance

              An active & transparent Governance


              The executive committee

              The Schneider Electric Foundation’s executive committee meets twice a year. It is made up of members of Schneider Electric, staff representatives and other qualified individuals. A representative of the Fondation de France attends to the meetings of the executive committee in an advisory capacity.

              The current composition of the Schneider Electric Foundation’s executive committee is as follows:

              President: Henri Lachmann
              Members: Charles Bouzols, external expert / Philippe Delorme, Schneider Electric / Xavier Emmanuelli, external expert / Annie Hery, staff representative, Schneider Electric / Jean Kaspar, external expert / Cathy Kopp, external expert / Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig, external expert / François Tarricone, staff representative, Schneider Electric / Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric.


              An operational team and a selection committee

              The members of the operational team are: Gilles Vermot-Desroches, General Delegate; Patricia Benchenna, Director of Programmes; Morgane Peloille, Administrative Assistant. The selection committee is made up of three members: the General Delegate of the Foundation, the Director of Programmes of the Foundation and the Training Director of the programme to provide access to energy. It meets every month.


              The international network of Foundation delegates

              The Foundation’s network structure is an original and highly effective way of engaging in sponsorship, which is overseen at the global level yet has a close and enduring human dimension. It also boosts the vitality of the people who take part. On each site, the representatives are chosen based on previous voluntary work and are issued with an official letter of appointment (valid for two years), signed by their line manager, the site/country manager and the General Delegate of the Foundation.

              In 2013, the Foundation has 110 delegates covering 75 countries.

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