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                  Access to energy

                  Schneider Electric Foundation funds vocational training all over the world

                  To promote social integration and vocational training of the most disadvantaged young people, the Schneider Electric Foundation provides long-term support to national and international rehabilitation organizations and centres that provide training in energy management-related trades. Theses actions are completed by the training projects of the BipBop access to energy programme. Together they are monitored and measured quarterly by the Planet and Society Barometer.

                    This tool measures Schneider Electric sustainable development ambition through a panel of indicators. The objective of this progress plan is to train 30,000 young people to electricity-related trades by the end of 2014. Between 2009 and 2011, 10,000 young people from the BoP (Base of the Pyramid) have already been trained.

                  Renovating training centres and fitting them out with teaching material, building theoretical and practical courses programmes, supplying electrical equipment to effect in situ training, training teams of teachers, setting up support and follow-up programmes for students during their working careers, supporting entrepreneurship, etc… There are many kinds of projects, but the objective is always the same : transferring skills to offer young people a future, to give them the means to feed their families, and, over the long term, to invigorate the local energy management sector.

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                  BipBop training project in India

                  Discover the electrical training programme launched in India, with the purpose of inserting people of the Base of the Pyramid in the labor market.

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