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About us

      The history of Telvent


      Telvent is a global IT solutions and information services provider that improves the efficiency, safety and security of the world’s leading companies. It serves industries that are both central to everyday life, and to the sustainability of the planet — including the energy, transportation, agriculture and environment sectors. Through the delivery and integration of real-time business intelligence, its solutions enable clients to make better decisions as they manage vast infrastructure and complex daily operations.

      Telvent was founded in Spain in 1941

      • Founded in 1941, Telvent methodically developed its expertise and reputation in core business areas through the late 1980s, like energy, transportation, environmental services, and IT consulting and outsourcing.
      • In the 1990s, the company focused on international expansion, establishing operations in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and China. The same era brought the massive global deployment of the Internet, mobile telephone systems, fiber optic networks, and more, all contributing to the pivotal evolution of Telvent.
      • Since the start of the new millennium, Telvent has seen significant growth through strategic acquisitions concentrated in North America. The process reinforced its core business strengths, added thousands of talented employees, and brought expansion into new markets fitting into its long-term, strategic vision. In 2008, Telvent acquired DTN Holding Company, Inc., a leading information services provider to the agriculture, energy, trading and weather industries. Through this acquisition, Telvent was able to strengthen its offerings and business model through the addition of subscription-based information services.
      On September 1, 2011, Schneider Electric finalized its acquisition of Telvent. Through this strategic acquisition, Schneider Electric is able to offer its clients more complete and efficient solutions using Telvent’s strong positioning in infrastructures and best-in-class software & IT capabilities. These capabilities fit particularly well with Schneider Electric’s energy and process management expertise and global presence. This ensures new enhancements and unique offerings to the industries it serves.
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