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About us

                      Management Team

                      Jean-Pascal Tricoire

                      > Jean-Pascal Tricoire

                      Chairman & CEO (1)

                      Emmanuel Babeau

                      > Emmanuel Babeau

                      Deputy CEO in charge of Finance and Legal Affairs (1)

                      Frédéric Abbal

                      > Frédéric Abbal

                      Executive Vice-President, Energy Business (1)

                      Clemens Blum

                      > Clemens Blum

                      Executive Vice President Industry Business (1)

                      Olivier Blum

                      > Olivier Blum

                      Executive Vice-President, Global Human Resources (1)

                      Annette Clayton

                      > Annette Clayton

                      Executive Vice-President, Global Supply Chain (1)

                      Hervé Coureil

                      > Hervé Coureil

                      Chief Information Officer (1)

                      Michel Crochon

                      > Michel Crochon

                      Executive Vice-President, Strategy (1)

                      Philippe Delorme

                      > Philippe Delorme

                      Executive Vice-President, Partner Business (1)

                      Daniel Doimo

                      > Daniel Doimo

                      Executive Vice-President, Global Solutions (1)

                      Hal Grant

                      > Hal Grant

                      Executive Vice-President, IT Business (1)

                      Chris Hummel

                      > Chris Hummel

                      Chief Marketing Officer (1)

                      Julio Rodrìguez

                      > Julio Rodrìguez

                      Executive Vice-President, Global Operations (1)

                      Laurent Vernerey

                      > Laurent Vernerey

                      Executive Vice President, North America Operations (1)

                      Zhu Hai

                      > Zhu Hai

                      Executive Vice President, China Operations (1)


                      (1) Member of the Executive Committee

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