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                            In order to be the first to supply its customers with all the environmental information that they need, Schneider Electric developed Green Premium - a unique eco-brand based on clearly defined criteria - including ad hoc environmental information on its products.

                            A solution falls under the Green Premium branding if it satisfies the four following criteria:

                            • complies with the RoHS European directive, i.e. it does not include one of the six substances stated in this directive;
                            • contains information relating to the presence of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) within the scope of the REACH European regulation;
                            • has a Product Environmental Profi le (PEP) providing a list of materials, a recycling rate and a calculation of eleven environmental impacts such as raw material and energy consumption, carbon footprint and damage to the ozone layer. This environmental profile is established over the whole product life cycle, from manufacture to end of working life;
                            • contains a guide identifying and locating the subsets or components required for a particular recycling process, called the End-of-Life Instruction guide (EoLI). 

                            Barometer indicator Products & Solutions – Target 75% of our products’ revenues achieved with Green Premium Products

                            Within its company program 2012-2014, Schneider Electric has set to achieve 75% of product sales with Green Premium offers.

                            Sustainability Performance, Today – Q1 2016 – 6.70/10
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