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                            Environment protection


                            Schneider Electric measures his sustainability performance with the Planet & Society Barometer – In this part, discover Planet indicators

                            With a company presence in more than 100 countries resulting from a continual rhythm of acquisitions, Schneider Electric applies a common environmental policy to all its entities and rolls out the same programs for certification, reporting and performance objective throughout all its geographical locations. Schneider Electric commits to protecting the environment and health through objectives contained in the company program.

                            > Reduction of CO2 emissions
                            > Eco Design
                            > Eco Production

                            Our environmental profile

                            Schneider Electric does not produce nor distribute energy. It conceives and builds electrical products and proposes integral solutions for a number of market segments. The great majority of these products are installation components for energy management. They consume little energy compared with the devices they control, and the losses through dissipation are negligible compared with the energy in transit.

                            Sustainability Performance, Today – Q1 2016 – 6.70/10
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