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                            Schneider Electric’s commitment to its employees


                            Schneider Electric’s people are critical to its success. The Group motivates its employees and promotes involvement by making the most of diversity, supporting professional development, and ensuring safe, healthy working conditions.

                            Health and Safety

                            Employee health and safety

                            Schneider Electric sets high standards for the management of the occupational Health & Safety (H&S) to improve upon our workplace safety and lead the way for safe work practices and directives on a global basis.
                            Among others, Schneider Electric deploys OHSAS 18001 certification on all production and logistics sites, and is committed to a reduction of 30% of the Medical Incident Rate (MIR) by the end of 2014. This indicator measures the number of medical cases per million of hours worked.

                            > For more information, visit our Barometer page and click “Choose indicator” then “Security”
                            Barometer indicator Diversity – Target 30% reduction of the Medical Incident Rate


                            Employee engagement

                            Schneider Electric measures its employee satisfaction every quarter, through a dedicated survey which especially measures the ”Employee Engagement Index”. In 2012, the Index at Group level is 55%, above the industry average (53%). It has been included in the Planet & Society Barometer 2012-2014 with the target of reaching 63%.

                            > For more information, visit our Barometer page and click “Choose indicator” then “Engagement”
                            Barometer indicator Diversity – Target 63% score in the Employee Engagement Index


                            Fostering talent and competence

                            The strategic transformations that the company is facing demand ongoing adaptation and skills enhancement. That’s why training is at the heart of Schneider Electric’s Human Resources policy.

                            In 2012, Schneider Electric launched a global platform so that its employees all over the world can have access to learning: “My Learning Link”. This new system allows to individually follow all training received. The aim of the Group is to achieve one day of training for each employee every year.

                            > For more information, visit our Barometer page and click “Choose indicator” then “Training”
                            Barometer indicator Diversity – Target 1day of training for each employee every year

                            Workforce Planning

                            Anticipating workforce needs

                            The business growth of Schneider Electric, its ever expending locations, and the shortage of critical skills available on the market inspired the Group to create a small team dedicated to Strategic Workforce Planning.

                            The aim is to link operational HR execution to the medium and long term business needs, through a set of methods allowing leaders to anticipate their workforce needs and develop their employees to address the future business challenges.



                            Since 2002, diversity and equal employment opportunity have been an integral part of Our Principles of Responsibility. Diversity represents a source of innovation, performance and competitiveness. That’s why Schneider Electric intends to move beyond its simple promotion to take a pragmatic approach to the management of diversity day by day.

                            Diversity and equal employment opportunity are enshrined in the Connect company program with the target to achieve 30% women in the talent pool (~ 2500 personnes).

                            > For more information, visit our Barometer page and click “Choose indicator” then “Diversity”
                            Barometer indicator Diversity – Target 30% women in the talent pool (~2,500 people)

                            Employee share ownership

                            Employee share ownership

                            Schneider Electric is convinced that employee share ownership is instrumental in strengthening companies’ capital (both financial and human), and that employee shareholders are long-term partners.

                            The Group has been building an international employee shareholder base since 1995 that is representative of the Group’s diversity. Employees should hold around 5% of the capital in 2015.


                            Compensation and Benefits

                            Schneider Electric is committed to providing a comprehensive compensation and benefits offering that is competitive and cost effective in each market and country in which we operate in order to attract, motivate and retain talent. This policy is based on the principles of fairness, equity and non discrimination.

                            Schneider Electric rewards employees’ contributions based on a pay-for-performance principle, competitive market positioning and scarcity of skills.

                            Sustainable development components have been added to the personal performance incentives of all members of the Management Board, the Executive Committee, and the Country Presidents of the main countries. The CO2 reduction target has been taken into account for the performance incentives of Global Supply Chain Management personnel; the reduction in the occupational accidents Severity Rate and in the Medical Incident Rate is taken into account for the performance incentives of managers at industrial sites and logistics centers. The annual long term incentive plan of the Group and the profit-sharing incentive plan in France both integrate a sustainability criterion, defined as the Planet & Society Barometer score.

                            Social Dialogue

                            Social Dialogue and relations

                            Schneider Electric considers that freedom of association and collective bargaining are fundamental rights and must be respected everywhere. Each year, local HR report the presence of trade unions, works councils and health & safety committees.

                            Social dialogue is managed at European level through the European Works Council and at Country level by the HR leaders. Schneider Electric applies in all countries the same HR policies and processes regarding career management, training, diversity, health & safety… as well as the Responsibility and Ethics Dynamics program and the “R&ED line” (professional alert system).

                            Sustainability Performance, Today – Q1 2016 – 6.70/10
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