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Molded circuit breaker MCB


Molded Circuit Breakers offer a very wide range of applications
AC, DC 1000 V, 400Hz distribution protection, motor protection, continuity of supply, energy availability... the applications covered are extensive. Compact is quite simply a guaranteed high-performance installation compliance with international standards and local certifications.

High flexibility
The modular design of the equipment enhances its upgradeability and therefore the life of the installations. New protection or monitoring features can easily be added, standards-compliant ergonomic adjustments can be made to all the ranges and tripping devices are interchangeable, etc.

Increased productivity
Simple design, standard connections, automated discrimination and cascading calculations, remote monitoring of the installation via the Internet are just a few of the many features stemming from our desire to help you save time.

Molded case circuit-breakers

> MCB up to 160A NG160
> MCB from 100 to 630A Compact NSX <630A
> MCB from 15 to 630A Compact NS < 630A
> MCB from 630 to 3200A Compact NS > 630A
> MCB for motor protection up to 37 kW Compact NS80H MA
> MCB 100 to 600A - UL489 listed Compact NSF/NSJ
> MCB from 15 to 400 A EasyPact