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                            SolveIT Software is now Schneider Electric


                            SolveIT Software, an Australian company specialising in integrated enterprise supply and demand planning, simulation, optimisation and predictive modelling, was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2012.
                            SolveIT Software applications have been integrated into Schneider Electric's StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation suite to provide our customers with a unique capability in optimising complex end-to-end value chains.

                            Our StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation software solutions are used to model and simulate enterprise-wide supply chains. This same decision-support solution can also be used for operational forecasting, planning and scheduling. This empowers management to create strategic scenarios on demand, to add/remove assets, or to simulate green-field operations - before committing CAPEX expenditures. This powerful strategic and operational decision support capability is core to the supply and demand functionality.

                            We offer advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software that empowers strategic and operational forecasting, planning and scheduling across the entire enterprise. Visit the StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation site for more information.

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                            StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation   

                            > StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation 
                            SolveIT Software's range of simulation and optimisation software products now form the StruxureWare Supply Chain Operation suite of software and applications within Schneider Electric.

                            Optimisation Services   

                            > Optimisation Services
                            We offer a variety of consulting services, from general supply chain reviews, process mapping, and change management, through to enterprise IT architecture blueprints and data mining services.


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