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Let TeSys be your drive

TeSys the innovative motor control system

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Intuitive solutions to protect, monitor and control your motor.


TeSys offers the best in class features you need for protection, safety, monitoring and control of motor and power applications. TeSys matches a diverse range of solutions from the most common through the most advanced. Wherever you are in the world, and whichever TeSys products you choose like contactors, circuit breakers, thermal relays, among others, you can count on receiving the reliability, standards-compatibility, ease of ordering and installation you need.

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TeSys selection tools


To find the right combinations of products for your motor starters is simpler and quicker now.

 TeSys Motor Starter
Selection Guide App

Enclosed Motor Starter Solution Guide

Low Voltage Motor Starter Solution Guide

  • Quick selection of TeSys motor starter most common combinations
  • Motor rated power up to 75kW.
  • For Smartphone & tablet
  • It includes the most common solutions of enclosed motor starters
  • Motor rated power up to 30kW
  • For PC & iPad
  • Define your motor starter solution among the complete TeSys offer
  • Motor rated power up to 710kW.
  • For PC and iPad

App for mobile & tablet

App for iPad

App for iPad


Computer version

Computer version


Technical documentation


Helping you in your projects.

Technical catalog



Selection guides

Essential guide

TeSys enclosed starters selection guide. TeSys enclosed starters selection guide.
Lets TeSys watch over your machinery Lets TeSys ensure safety in your simple motor applications

Technical Guides

How to select the appropriate
motor starters for your HVAC&R equipments

Functional Safety & Implementation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  Discover more documents of the collection of technical guides Designed for Control Panel
To know more

To know more 


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TeSys products are Green Premium


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