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Canalis, busbar trunking system

Canalis the ideal offer to match with your needs from 20 to 5000A


Canalis is a consistent, and comprehensive prefabricated busbar trunking system. Its easy installation makes it ideally suited for commercial and industrial buildings.

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Canalis busbar

Canalis experience

Canalis experience

Canalis IEC

Canalis  safety Canalis continuity

                        Canalis products comply with IEC 61439-6 international standard, guaranteeing the conformity of the installations and ensuring safety of persons and property.

                   Electrical busbar trunking requires no specific maintenance and makes it possible to add and remove loads under voltage.  
Canalis flexibility   Canalis green product

                    The decentralised architecture and the Canalis concept offer simplification of organisation and allow electrical distribution to be adapted to needs and upgradeability. Fitting time reduced by more than 50% compared with traditionnal cable installations. 

                        The manufacturing, packing and distribution processes have been designed to limit the environmental impact of our products.The whole Canalis range is halogen free and is fully recyclable.  

Canalis on your tablet!




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Download this app on the Appstore 

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The app provides search capability of the entire Canalis busway or busbar trunking system as well as access to documentation and technical specifications allowing contractors, design offices, architects to visualize their projects for industrial buildings, offices, retail, logistic centres, data centres.
The app enables you to define the right list of materials (BOM)