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EVlink – Charging stations for electric vehicles


EVlink Wallbox outdoors charging station


Easy, fast, and tough, as charging stations should be

Why install a charging station at home?

Installing a home charging station provides EV drivers with much more convenience and control than a residential electrical outlet. Charge your vehicle faster, more reliably, with enhanced safely, and on your schedule with EVlink Wallbox. It performs just like any familiar home appliance and is specifically designed for extended daily use, without interrupting other household electrical consumption needs. ‘Fill up’ your car with total ease and peace of mind and help ensure it is ready to go when you are.
Schneider Electric is an electric vehicle charging pioneer, and has supplied cutting edge electrical distribution products and services to customers around the globe for decades.

EV Wallbox V2

Easy Fast Tough
  • Plug and charge
  • One-touch stop
  • Minimalism to match a variety of locations
  • Up to 3 times faster charge than a residential electrical outlet
  • Fully charged in less than 4 hours*
  • Up to 50 km* range from a one hour, 7 kW charge
  • Suitable for outdoors use
  • Waterproof IP 54
  • Shock-proof IK 10
  • UV-resistant

3x faster 

Reduces charging time compared with a residential electrical outlet

EVlink Wallbox supports a greener charge

Add-on’s are available to optimize charging:

  • Potential free contact to reduce charging current during peak hours

Average time to fully charge a 22 kWh car battery

Time to charge a 22kwH car battery

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To know more

To know more 

Download the leaflet for EV Drivers 


Download the leaflet for contractors 


Improved user protection



EVlink Wallbox is manufactured with sustainable development best practices

 Green premium

Pep Eco Pass Port