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EVlink – Charging stations for electric vehicles

Charge your electric car at home with EVlink residential

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Why charge your electric car using a dedicated station?

Although your electric car is delivered with a cable which allows it to connect to a standard socket, this must only be used in an emergency.

Using dedicated charging stations for electric vehicles allows for optimum safety and provides
high-performance charging.


Safety is a priority for Schneider Electric

Standard sockets are not suitable for use at high frequencies and for a long period (8 hours for a complete charge). This is equivalent to the consumption of an oven on at full power for 8 hours.

The EVlink station incorporates safety for the user and the electric vehicle as well as for the electrical installation to which the charging station is connected.

Your electric car can be connected on a daily basis for several hours without any risk of overheating.

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To know more 

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The electricity bill for charging the battery of an electric car should not exceed €2 in France (EDF source).



EVlink helps you to manage energy more effectively

Unlike a standard socket the EVlink charging station transmits power between the electrical network and the vehicle. As such the station evaluates the energy required for charging the battery: your electric car is ready to go at a lower cost!

Safe and easy to use, the EVlink charging station by Schneider Electric can be installed with a load shedding function in order to avoid exceeding the threshold agreed with your energy supplier. It allows the charge to be programmed for a time when the energy costs are less, during off-peak times for example.


How do you install an EVlink charging station at home?

Your car dealer will help you with this process once you have purchased your electric car or your hybrid car.


You will complete a questionnaire at the dealer's office related to your home (detached house or jointly-owned property) and your existing electrical installation (age, compliance with standards, etc.).    Your selection will be made from the directory of installers approved by Schneider Electric, i.e., those trained in installing the products and in the applicable standards. You will find an electrician who is a Schneider Electric partner close to where you live.    The installer will agree an appointment with you, will be responsible for diagnosing your electrical installation, for checking if it complies with the standards and for installing the EVlink charging station that you need as quickly as possible.