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Micrologic E

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New Micrologic E circuit breaker control unit

Energy efficiency is now within your reach with this new control unit for Masterpact and Compact NS circuit breakers


To improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you need to understand exactly where, when and how much energy you are consuming throughout your facilities. The new Micrologic E control unit puts energy metering at key points across your electric power grid in a way that is:



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Smart. It’s the most affordable way to help you maximize your energy efficiency, control your costs and meet your environmental objectives and responsibilities. With energy measurement in every circuit breaker, you’ll avoid the need for a separate power meter.

Safe. Protection functions are safely separated from measurement functions, while features like LCD ‘auto scroll view’ and on-board trip history make the Micrologic E easy and safe to use.

Simple. A new BCM ULP communications option allows connection of an FDM121 high-visibility panel display, and enables simple remote data access over a building-wide network.

Micrologic E is making intelligent, energy-measurement-capable circuit breakers the new industry standard. It will help you study consumption patterns, compare the performance of different facilities, isolate energy waste, and expose energy costs at the building, department or machine level to drive efficiency




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