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The multistandard offer

The control protection solution that meets standards worldwide


A range of customizable circuit breakers, motor control units, and enclosures that meet multiple standards and industrial application needs. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and panel builders need to look no further.

Schneider Electric’s multistandard offer is a one-stop shop where OEMs and panel builders worldwide can pick, mix, and configure the control panel protection solution they need.
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The one-stop shop that supplies…

  The multistandard offer is a comprehensive range of panel control protection solutions: feeder protection and circuit disconnect, branch circuit and control circuit protection, motor load protection and control, and enclosures.

… applies


These solutions come to OEMs and panel builders tested and validated specifically for their applications.


… and complies


All the products in the multistandard offer comply with multiple international and national standards and marks – IEC 60-204, UL 508A, CE, CCC, CSA, GOST, etc.
And all have a single global part number for guaranteed availability and error-free, at-a-glance selection.
Schneider Electric multistandard offer allows to deploy a single machine design that meets standards and customs regulations worldwide. It helps OEMs and panel builders improve their logistics process, reduce time to market, improve performance, and develop their global business.

To know more

To know more 

Schneider Electric NEC409/UL508A Support Web


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Multistandard switch disconnectors


Multistandard miniature circuit breakers


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Multistandard motor load protection


Multistandard enclosures