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Power Management Solutions

Take action: maximize the reliability and efficiency of your power network


Power management solutions for power-critical facilities

If you’re running a business and facility with power-critical needs, then power quality, availability, and reliability are central to your operation and success. A lack of power (in quantity or quality) means complete loss of function, loss of revenue, and/or potential safety issues.

Yet your crucial need for power does not mean energy costs are not an issue. In fact, many power-critical facilities are also energy intensive. You need to manage energy costs while also ensuring reliability of supply. It’s balancing act that can pose major challenges.

We can help you find and maintain that balance. With our power management solutions for power-critical facilities, you can avoid power-related issues while also managing energy costs.

Complete integration, unmatched connectivity

We have decades of expertise in electrical system management, technology manufacturing, and hardware/software integration. Our hardware devices blend perfectly with your electrical distribution network, communicate effortlessly with other devices, and connect seamlessly with our monitoring and control software to form a holistic, digitized power management solution.

By delivering modular, interoperable, and connected solutions tailored to meet your immediate needs and able to scale as your needs change, you determine exactly what you want to measure, what you want to understand, and how you need to act upon that information.

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Illustrating the connectedness of an integrated power management solution
Tenets of power management

Measure and collect accurate data, monitor power quality, and log events from across your entire facility

Understand your situation: analyze the data, and transform it into actionable information

Act on the information: make timelier, more intelligent decisions based on valid data