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VarSet low voltage capacitor banks

VarSet capacitor banks : a smart power factor correction for energy efficiency and immediate cost saving


The VarSet range offers convenience, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness for power factor correction, harmonic filtering in virtually any commercial, industrial and utility enterprise.

VarSet ranges


Engineered to meet your needs with...

Ensuring your power factor is optimized and your electrical network delivers optimum power.


...High quality power to...

Optimizing power factor correction helps lower operating and capital costs and can provide a quick return on investment.


...Maximize energy efficiency

VarSet is a complete range of quality capacitor banks for fixed and automatic compensation up to 1150 kvar.


Energy efficiency, as simple as VarSet

  • Reduce capital expenses up to 30%

Optimize electrical system, and limit oversized or redundant capacity.





  • Reduce reactive energy billing penalties and lower operating expenses up to 10%

Boost power factor can lower energy bills and reduce energy losses in equipments.


  • Reduce energy losses by up to 30%

Improve power quality, optimize total process energy consumption, and reduce CO2 emissions.


  • Improve equipment reliability up to 18%

Reduce unplanned outages and harmonic stress, enhance the reliability and service life of devices.

To know more

To know more 

Download the Varset Brochure

Download the Power Factor Correction Brochure

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