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How am I performing?




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Access robust reporting software to ensure optimum performance

Being able to report your progress is a key to the success of your energy and sustainability program and strategy. We'll help you accurately report key data and progress to all necessary stakeholders inside and outside your organization.


Schneider Electric is the answer.

Environmental Footprint Reporting
Schneider Electric has all of the tools and support you need to measure your current environmental footprint - from establishing your baseline to tracking relevant data to managing performance.

Corporate Goals
Often the key to understanding and communicating is measuring. Our systems help internal and external stakeholders understand the factors that help your company achieve its energy and sustainability goals. Schneider Electric helps you translate your data into relevant performance metrics.

External Reporting Efforts
Schneider Electric helps you develop and report your responses to third-party agency and industry watch groups - we have experience with initiatives such as The Climate Registry, California Climate Action Registry (CCAR), EPA Climate Leaders and many others.

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How am i performing?

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