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Resource Advisor



Schneider Electric’s enterprise-level, online sustainability and energy management software gives you instant and secure access to energy and environmental information for your enterprise.


The challenge :

  • Gaining secure, instant access to your energy and environmental data

  • Having auditable emissions reporting and accounting

  • Viewing your enterprise and individual sites’ energy cost and usage

  • Planning project scenarios to monitor progress and track milestones

Our experts :

  • Utilize enterprise-wide software to ensure optimal performance against your energy and sustainability goals

  • Leverage scenario planning components to allow you to see potential impacts of efficiency and sustainability projects


Resource Advisor

Enterprise Data At Your Fingertips


    How am I performing ?

    Continually review and improve your energy and sustainability programs with data at your fingertips

    Customize Your Experience

    Configure Resource Advisor based on your unique preferences.

    Know Your Energy Spend

    Analyze energy cost and usage data with interactive graphs and raw data.

    Manage Projects & Scenarios

    Evaluate potential project impacts before acting.

    Track Performance

    Benchmark your progress against your budget, historical data, or other variables.

    Monitor the Markets

    Stay informed about market changes and conditions that affect you.

    Control Your Environmental Impact

    Establish and track your environmental footprint and communicate results.
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    An appliance manufacturer implemented 28 source stream collection, project scenario planning, and has 40+ points fed into operations-level software to track and manage energy and resources. Contact us today to customize your energy management software needs.