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Field Services

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                    Schneider Electric helps you convert your plans into an efficient, reliable, and safe solution


                    Install-How do I install and commission? 
                    • Project Management
                    • Site Coordination
                    • Assembly / Start-up
                    • Commissioning
                    • Software install and setup


                    Offer description

                    Project Management

                    - Manage the entire solution deployment for the customer


                    Site Coordination


                    - Provides basic level of project management limited to coordinating the different functions involved in the system/solution installation, with schedule management


                    Assembly /Start-up


                    - Provides mechanical assembly experts to get the system ready to be energised in safe conditions.
                    - Energises the system/product, securing product features being operational, checking the close environment of the product to secure good operating conditions




                    - Provides the entire solutions system operational with specific customer requested tests in real conditions, concluded with customer acceptance


                    Software install and setup


                    - On-site experts deliver software installation in the customer environment with dedicated setup of the software parameters


                    Success stories from asset management life cycle  

                     Eiffel Tower


                    New control system keeps visitors lifted to the top of the Eiffel Tower

                    With 6.5 million visitors per year, the Eiffel Tower in Paris cannot afford downtime.
                    Schneider Electric installed four new programmable logic controllers (PLC) for the East pillar elevators with minimum disruption and increased reliability and security. By testing the PLCs at a Schneider Electric site, the time to install was minimised.

                    Asset management life cycle by expertise  

                    Electrical Distribution

                    Schneider Electric will help you to install efficient, reliable and safe solutions based on your plans
                    > To know more about Electrical Distribution services 

                    Industrial Automation

                    Schneider Electric will help you convert your plans into an efficient, reliable and safe solution
                    > To know more about Industrial Automation services 

                    Critical Power and Cooling

                    Schneider Electric will help you convert your plans into a safe, efficient, and reliable solution
                    > To know more about Critical Power and Cooling services 

                    Building Management

                    Schneider Electric offers and oversees services and products for efficient, reliable and safe building operations
                    > To know more about Building Management services
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                    To know more 

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