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Field Services

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                    Schneider Electric helps you maximise your solution uptime and performance, with capital expenditure control through proactive set of actions.


                    Operate – How do I operate and maintain? 

                    • Warranty Extensions
                    • Service Plans
                    • Preventative Maintenance
                    • Predictive Maintenance
                    • Vendor Management
                    • Facility Operations
                    • Managed Maintenance
                    • Orientation & Training
                    • Spare Parts Management
                    • Software update & Support
                    • Expert Technical Support

                    Offer description

                    Warranty Extensions

                    - Extend the manufacturer's warranty in terms of service level / duration beyond the warranty


                    Service Plans


                    - Comprehensive maintenance plan including remedial repair with multiple coverage options, either on a yearly basis or multi-year


                    Preventative & Predictive Maintenances


                    - On-site preventative actions to secure optimum efficient and reliable product/system operating condition, preventing breakdown.
                    - Analyse historical operating data and statistics to predict failure far ahead of time, usually linked with remote monitoring capabilities


                    Vendor Management


                    - Helps to efficiently provision, coordinate, and deliver seamless service execution across all critical infrastructure disciplines, using both OEM and 3rd party maintenance vendors


                    Facility Operations


                    - Specialised onsite operations and maintenance management program to meet the demanding requirements of the mission critical facility environment


                    Managed Maintenance


                    - On-site maintenance support service that enforces strict change management protocols during the times when your facility is exposed to the greatest amount of risk


                    Advanced Operator Training


                    - Provides the critical operator knowledge and practical experience needed to maximise operational efficiency and system availability.
                    Combination of classroom training and lab exercises to get the best return on investment from their Schneider Electric system


                    Spare Parts Management


                    - Manage on-site parts inventory level at the customer to meet extremely short response time. Replenishment, and fee associated to amortise stock depreciation in case owned by Schneider Electric


                    Software update & support
                    Expert Technical Support


                    - Provide software technical support and update for software, either on-site or remotely if available.
                    - Privileged Access to Manufacturer's experts on the phone

                    Success stories from asset management life cycle  
                     Men working in metal industry Preventative maintenance reduces drive failure from high to virtually zero

                    Nyrstar, a multi-metals business in South Australia, whose automation system works under harsh conditions, needed to upgrade and solve issues. Providing maintenance for 350 variable speed drives, we extended the mean time between failure and ensured availability of replacement parts.
                    We also provide on-site training about operation, commissioning, maintenance, and basic repairs.

                    “The maintenance program we have adopted has reduced failure significantly which means our productivity has also improved.”– Maarten de Vries, senior electrical engineer, Nyrstar

                    Asset management life cycle by expertise  

                    Electrical Distribution

                    Schneider Electric helps you maximise your installation uptime and control your capital expenditures through its services offering

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                    Read Technical Training brochure Technical Training brochure
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                    Industrial Automation

                    Schneider Electric is your industrial automation service partner providing customised solutions to maintain availability and performance of your system

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                    Watch the Industry maintenance Service video  Industry maintenance Services from Schneider Electric
                    Read the Maintenance and Support offers brochure  Maximise your plant’s uptime and efficiency

                    Critical Power and Cooling

                    Schneider Electric helps you maximise your installation uptime and control your capital expenditures through proactive set of actions

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                    Read Critical Power and Cooling  Services brochure  Critical Power & Cooling Services 
                    Read the Services for your single phase product  brochure   Services for your Single-Phase Product

                    Building Management

                    Schneider Electric ensures your facility and HVAC equipment operate efficiently, effectively and safely.

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                    Read the Building Analytics brochure  Building Analytics brochure
                    Watch the Building Analytics video  Building Analytics video
                    To know more

                    To know more 

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