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Field Services

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                    Our Solution Experts give you the proactive and tailored recommendations you need to reduce risk and improve solution performance and reliability.


                    Optimise -How do I optimise? 
                    • Remote Monitoring Services
                    • Maintenance and Modernisation consulting
                    • On-site reliability, safety assessment

                    Offer description

                    Remote Monitoring Services

                    - Remote monitoring of an asset or equipment


                    Asset Maintenance and Modernisation consulting

                    - Assessment of the customer install base to define and propose the most appropriate maintenance strategy with associated modernisation for aging equipments taking into account budget constraints


                    Site / Installation reliability & safety assessment


                    - Assessment of the customer install base to secure reliability

                    Success stories from asset management life cycle  

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                    Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) delivers peace of mind

                    Thirteen U.S.-based Microsoft Technology Centers use RMS. “The Remote Monitoring Service provided by Schneider Electric has proven to be an invaluable tool. The immediate notifications and the maintenance scheduling help give me peace of mind that my facility is running smoothly.”
                    Christian Lavista, technical director, New York Microsoft Technology Center

                    Asset management life cycle by expertise  

                    Electrical Distribution

                    Schneider Electric propose recommendations for improved safety, availability, reliability & quality

                    > To know more about Electrical Distribution services

                    Read the Asset Operation Services brochure  Asset Management through Asset Operation services
                    Read the Maintenance and Support offers brochure  MP4 Assessment brochure

                    Industrial Automation

                    Our Installed Base consultants will give you the actionable roadmap you need to reduce risk, improve system performance and improve your competitiveness

                    > To know more about Industrial Automation services 


                    Critical Power and Cooling

                    Schneider Electric monitors your systems to increase efficiency through proactive and tailored recommendations

                    > To know more about Critical Power and Cooling services

                    Read the Battery Services brochure  Battery Services brochure 
                    Read the brochure: How to protect your critical infrastructure  How to protect your critical infrastructure 24/7
                    Watch the Remote Monitoring Service video  Remote Monitoring Service video

                    Building Management

                    Schneider Electric’s technology-driven solutions and monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) help maximise savings and performance.

                    > To know more about Building Management services 

                    Read the Building Analytics brochure  Building Analytics brochure
                    Read the Building Optimisation brochure  Building Optimisation brochure
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                    To know more 

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