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Field Services

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                    Schneider Electric experts help you plan, define, and design the right solution for your needs.


                    Plan – What are my options? 
                    • Technical Feasibility studies
                    • Facility Assessments

                    Offer description

                    Technical Feasibility studies

                    - Technical feasibility and design support to enable the customer to make the best technical choices for his investment


                    Facility Assessments

                    - On-site Facility Assessment focusing on availability, install base health assessment, efficiency, reliability


                    Asset management life cycle by expertise  

                    Electrical Distribution

                    Schneider Electric helps you to plan the full design and execution of your solution, looking at securing your process and optimising your time
                    > To know more about Electrical Distribution services 

                    Industrial Automation

                    Schneider Electric provides experts to develop with you the right design of your industrial automation solution as well as the proper maintenance plan
                    > To know more about Industrial Automation services 

                    Critical Power and Cooling

                    Schneider Electric provides expert assistance for your project to determine criticality, costs, performance, timing regulatory compliance or sustainability
                    > To know more about Critical Power and Cooling services 

                    Building Management

                    Schneider Electric partners with you to create short- and long-term plans to prolong and improve operations over the life of your buildings
                    Read the Maintenance services document  Maintenance Services 
                    > To know more about Building Management services 
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                    To know more 

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