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Prosumer Microgrid Solutions

Take advantage of the smart grid and onsite green energy production to cut costs and boost reliability


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Seize the benefits: become an energy ‘prosumer’

Schneider Electric helps you creating your own microgrid to proactively produce and consume onsite energy resources.  Then fully monetize the value of your DER (Distributed Energy Resources), optimize your energy bill and avoid power interruptions.


Schneider Electric offers your business or home a complete, Prosumer Microgrid Solution that helps you save money by intelligently managing your electrical loads and generation in response to every smart grid opportunity.

  The solution will help ensure stable energy costs while improving power reliability, all while maintaining your comfort and productivity.

Choose from many solution options, including the ability to store the surplus energy you produce. This will help increase self-consumption of renewable energy resources during the most cost-effective periods.


Smart grid programs


Automatically exercise your energy flexibility to maximize returns from all smart grid opportunities available in your region. Program availability will depend on local regulations, market needs, and the commercial aggregator.

  • Variable tariffs: Adjust your consumption in response to changes in energy pricing.
  • Demand management: Helps you avoid peak demand penalties by rescheduling non-critical processes.
  • Demand response:  Pays you to adjust allocation of energy resources during a requested



Intelligent energy management using simple, automated tools helps you track all energy-relevant inputs, forecast energy needs, and coordinate control actions.

Unleash your energy flexibility by taking into account onsite energy generation, including renewable energy from solar panels, wind power, or a combined-heat-and-power (CHP) system. An electrical energy storage system will enhance flexibility further.

Communicate with the smart grid and dynamically manage your energy resources in response to your demand profile, pricing signals, or be paid to increase or decrease consumption when requested.

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