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                At Schneider Electric, we are concerned about the counterfeiting of electrical products throughout the globe.  Counterfeit products have a negative impact on the economy, mislead the consumer and, in the case of electrical products, have the ability to kill or injure someone or cause damage to property.

                We take counterfeiting of our products seriously and intend to pursue every means possible to stop this illegal activity and to make the industry and public more aware of this critical safety concern.

                This website is intended to provide you with additional information on counterfeiting and steps that can be taken to better recognize counterfeit products.


                Report Program


                You Can Make a Difference

                Schneider Electric has implemented a Report Program for information about companies and individuals making or supplying counterfeit Schneider Electric products. Please accept our thanks in advance for reporting counterfeits.


                For comments/questions regarding Counterfeits, feel free to contact us. 
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