Help on Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers on how to use Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to use FAQs?

FAQs area is a place where to find solutions to problems or answers to questions about the products.

Please type in your question and we will provide you with a list of FAQs related to it. You can refine the list of answers by selecting a specific topic on the left of the list.

Click on a FAQ question and the detail of the answer will be displayed with attached documents.

A list of related answers may be displayed with the selected FAQ to help you in your search.


2. Tips on how to use FAQ search

FAQ search is designed to answer questions that are worded in plain, conversational English, just as you would ask them to another person. FAQ search automatically finds answers on our web site.

Here are some tips and guidelines about asking questions and getting answers:

Enter complete questions in your own words. 
For example: what Product X has a Feature Y?

If you are interested in a particular Product X or Feature Y include that information in your question to get the most precise results.
For example: Does the Product X come with a Feature Y?

Make your question concise.
Simple directed questions work better than complex or multi-part questions.
For example: Is the Product X Relevant?
Do you have a Product X for Product Value?

Use correct spelling and grammar to get the most accurate answers. 
Correct capitalizations not required, but can sometimes help to locate names and acronyms.

Boolean operators are not necessary. 
Many search engines use words and symbols (such as AND, NOT, +, and -) as logical operators to define complex searches. FAQ search does not rely on logical operators to construct search queries, but treats these words as ordinary parts of the question.

3. How to choose your language?


On country web sites configured to use several language a language selection button is proposed next to the question text box.

4. How to rate content?

Rating content helps us improve information completeness and accuracy about products. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the FAQs.

To do so you can either select a rating or type in a comment and click on the "submit feedback" button.

5. What is Open a Support Case?

The "open a support case" button on the right of the screen awill allow you to ask for more information whenever you do not find a relevant FAQ using the search.

You will be asked first to describe your problem or question. Because your description may be more specific than before a new list of FAQs will be presented if relevant. If nothing answers your expectation just click on the "continue" button and you will be directed to a form that will be addressed to the Schneider-Electric Customer Care. Please fill in the form and the Customer Care will take care of your demand.