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                Idea submission



                Schneider Electric routinely receives letters and emails from creative people outside of the company proposing ideas for Schneider Electric.  We greatly appreciate this interest in Schneider Electric. The following procedures  have been adopted to prevent misunderstandings with those wishing to submit ideas to Schneider Electric.  These procedures include terms and conditions that must be agreed to by you before we will consider your idea.  We hope that these terms and conditions will be acceptable to you.  However, to be clear, we cannot consider your idea until you have submitted your ideas through this portal and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.

                Schneider Electric employs many knowledgeable and creative people.  As a result, the vast majority of the new ideas that we consider  adopting originate within Schneider Electric, rather than from those outside of Schneider Electric.  In addition, many of the ideas submitted to the company from outside are already known to us.  Therefore, before you submit your idea to us, please understand that Schneider Electric does not provide compensation for those ideas that are submitted to us from outside.

                This webpage is for non-Schneider Electric employees.  Schneider Electric employees should submit ideas through the IDEAS system.

                No Confidential Relationship with Schneider Electric

                We encourage you to protect yourself to your own satisfaction before disclosing an idea to us.  For example, you may want to seek patent protection for your idea before submitting it to us.  Also, please understand that Schneider Electric does not wish to enter into a confidential relationship with you .  Your submission of an idea to us does not create a confidential relationship with us.  In addition, please do not submit any confidential information that you received from another party.