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Schneider Electric Showroom & Demo rooms

Discover Schneider Electric’s showroom and demo rooms


The showroom and demo rooms are Schneider Electric buildings in which our solutions are presented.  These areas allow our customers to find out about the company and discover the latest innovations we have to offer.

They welcome all kinds of visitors: customers, prospects, partners, institutions, trainers/teachers, as well as the press, financial analysts and Schneider Electric employees around the world.


The International Customer Lounge

The International Customer Lounge (ICL) is the showroom for Schneider Electric’s headquarters, known as the Hive. This site is located at  Rueil-Malmaison in France, near Paris.

> Discover the International Customer Lounge (ICL) web site

The Schneider Electric showroom International Customer Lounge (ICL) - Paris


The Technology Center

The Schneider Electric Technology Center is the world’s most advanced facility devoted to power and cooling research and development. From the live data center demonstration rooms, environmental test chambers, and executive briefing and conference center, to the training areas and R&D testing facilities, the center is a state-of-the-art showcase.

> Discover the ‘Technology Center’ web site           

The Schneider Electric Technology Center, the world’s most advanced facility devoted to power and cooling research and development 
To know more

To know more 

The showroom and demo rooms are sites specially dedicated to:

  • Demonstrations
  • Product launches
  • Press conferences
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Specific events
  • Training sessions
  • In-house meetings