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Products and Services

                            Elau is now Schneider Electric



                            ELAU has become an essential part of Schneider Electric Automation. This creates a considerable advantage for users of the PacDrive technology: PacDrive is not longer a stand alone offer, but a part of MachineStruxure. Beyond that, PacDrive is now a well supported technology of a globally active company with more than 100.000 employees in more than 100 countries of the world.



                            > PacDrive M

                            The 12 years ago by ELAU introduced to the market and internationally accepted PacDrive M technology is now available worldwide by Schneider Electric under the traditional ELAU label, including all services such as service, support and engineering. The information offered to PacDrive M remains on the known and familiar ELAU Internet portal.



                            > PacDrive 3

                            PacDrive 3 is the next generation of PacDrive, introduced by Schneider Electric in 2010. PacDrive 3 brings together the known and proven ELAU technology with new approaches such as universal Ethernet-based communication, new single- and multi-axis servo drive solutions and an integrated safety concept. PacDrive 3 is an integral part of MachineStruxure. Information about PacDrive 3 is available on the Internet platform of Schneider Electric.