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Products and Services

                            Leading Supply Chain Optimization in the Downstream


                            We have been a leader in downstream marketing and distribution solutions for more than 20 years, originally as DTN and now as Schneider Electric. As the preferred vendor for supply chain optimization in the downstream, we have been a long-standing partner of both large and small refined fuels companies, and our trusted, close-knit supplier and terminal operator relationships enable us to learn, and to develop new tools and standards that address many common pain points.


                            Petroleum/Biofuels Suppliers  

                            > Petroleum/Biofuels Suppliers Operations Control, Supply Chain Management, and Market Intelligence
                            Telvent DTN suite of real-time solutions to assist in fuels related pricing, purchasing, selling, and operating decisions.

                            Terminal Automation  

                            > Terminal Automation
                            Telvent DTN Terminal Automation Solution (TAS) centralizes command of your terminal operations, providing reliable real-time data that supports decision making.

                            Petroleum Marketers Fuel Prices  

                            > Petroleum Marketers Fuel Prices, Buying and Back-Office Integration
                            Telvent DTN suite of fuel marketing management tools - from buying decisions to customer invoicing.

                            Energy Traders Market Data Management Solution  

                            > Energy Traders Market Data Management Solution
                            Telvent DTN comprehensive solution for energy trading includes an industry leading array of innovative productivity features, advanced analytics, broad fundamental content, and real-time information.

                            Products Overview

                            Visit Market and Back-Office Intelligence   

                            > Visit Market and Back-Office Intelligence 
                            Smart solutions for petroleum suppliers, marketers and energy traders, to optimise energy buying and selling decisions.

                            Visit MES and Information Management Software  

                            > Visit MES and Information Management Software 
                            Supply chain solutions for petroleum suppliers and terminals: DTN Guardian3-Terminal Automation System, and DTN TABS to deliver robust and flexible credit and product control.