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Data Centres solution: Schneider Large Data Centre Solution Overview


Value proposition

Solution in brief

  • Schneider Electric delivers high efficiency and availability by bringing a wide breadth of Data Centre Physical Infrastructure (DCPI) from the rack to row to room to building with applied expertise, thought leadership and relationships.
  • Broad expertise
    - Intellectual capital in all data centre support systems
    - End-to-end, wrap-around portfolio enables holistic design for highest availability and efficiency
    - Power, cooling, management software, physical security. Rack systems and services.



  • Industry-wide relationships enable Schneider to work with all the influence points to provide a "circle of support" around your project
    Pragmatic view of business challenges facing data centre consultants, designers, and operators
    - Real world experience in data centres from service entrance to rack
  • Thought leadership
    White papers - Thought leadership from the Data Centre Science Centre
    - Energy University - Energy management awareness and education
    - Data Centre University - Courses for those tasked with critical decision-making and infrastructure planning of data centres
    - Schneider Technology Centre  - 100,000 square foot facility in St. Louis / O'Fallon, Missouri (USA) is a showcase and test bed for Schneider, its customers, and industry partners to learn and teach efficient approaches to power and cooling
  • One company
    Integrated system approach
    - Greatly mitigated issues during commissioning and operation
    - Drive for energy efficiency
    - One company to call for the design, build, remote monitoring, maintenance and upgrade for the entire data centre solution

Differentiation factors

  • Broad Management Integration - Schneider Electric is the only DCPI company offering total comprehensive management - building automation, IT floor, power quality
    - A vision for tomorrow for simplified, integrated management
    - Remove silos, create energy awareness across entire data centre and facility
  • Easily extend the life of your existing data centre or quickly add a high density zone with a drop-in pod
    - Greatly reduced design and build time
    - Predictable cooling
    - Thermally invisible
    - High efficiency - highest with air containment
    - Hign density
    - Integrated management
  • Schneider Electric has configured, designed and installed more data centres than any other DCPI company in the world





Main characteristics

Main characteristics
Rack systems and services bring together:
- Analysis
- Assessment
- Planning and consulting
- Design & engineering support
-  Project management, including: coordination of 3rd party vendors, 
- Equipment sourcing & scheduling, construction, installation, assembly and start-up, commissioning, integration
- Operations, maintenance and repair
- Remote monitoring: Building automation, IT floor, power quality, security
- Construction/assembly
- Installation
- Start-up
- Commissioning
- Maintenance
- Training

Other information

Other information

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Solution breakdown

  • Power - UPS, LV and MV Switchgear, Transformers, and final Power Distribution
  • Cooling
  • Rack Systems
  • Software Management
  • Physical Security
  • Services - Professional & Maintenance