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Energy prices are rising. Budgets are shrinking. Technology choices are increasing. Green building legislation is more prevalent. In the EU, all public buildings must have energy certificates that show what is being done to reduce energy use. To compete in this rapidly changing environment, you need better performance from your building. How do you meet these challenges? Partner with Schneider Electric. They can help reveal your potential and turn it into positive results.

Pains & drivers

The combination of HVAC and lighting contribute to over 70 % of energy used in many buildings. Building implementation, from design to commissioning, should be carried out in a way that achieves optimum energy saving results.

How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

Integrated building management solutions are based on open, scalable systems that allow monitoring and control of all building systems including HVAC, lighting, access control, security and other special systems. Complete building solutions offer significant operation & maintenance benefits during the life cycle of a building. Coordinated behaviour across multiple systems can provide savings ranging from 15% to 30% of energy costs.

  • Building Automation and Control Systems contribute to equipment availability and energy savings as they can control all building functions:
    - Mechanical and electrical equipment for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, shutters/blinds, power distribution, etc.
    - Access control, CCTV, etc. for security.
  • Engineering services enable customers to get the best energy performance from BACS throughout their entire life cycle. This drives customers to get the best possible energy ratings for their buildings.
    - Operational Services: On site support and alarm handling to assure the very best efficiency in building operations
    - Maintenance Services: Keep the value of a building at a strategic level via regular adjustment and optimisation of systems. Regular maintenance and exchange of spare parts according to planned maintenance schedules.
    - Consulting Services: A range of consulting services, from training to energy and indoor climate audits as well as analysis and documentation of a building's status.

Solutions or architectures used in the application

Solutions or architectures used in the application
This is a sample architecture showing integrated building and security management using an Andover Continuum system. We also offer integrated solutions based on our TAC Vista system.
Schneider Electric Solutions
Schneider Electric Solutions

Enhance safety,reliability while reducing operational costs with Integrated Oil & Gas Pipeline Management Solution combining Process, Energy & Security

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