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Green Buildings

        Green Buildings solution: Improve financial performance and occupant satisfaction




        Value proposition

        Real estate professionals are challenged with improving the financial performance of building facilities while also continuously improving occupants' satisfaction in order to attract and retain tenants in an increasingly competitive market.

        Solution in brief

        Schneider Electric's intelligent building management systems are based on open, standards-based technology and enable the full integration of all building systems on one network—across enterprises—from a single software platform. A single user interface, accessible locally or remotely via the web, provides a complete view of all systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy consumption, utility monitoring, and fire and smoke detection. Our intelligent building management system helps improve occupant satisfaction and building financial performance, enabling end users to find the right balance between energy conservation and healthy indoor environmental conditions.

        Value proposition

        • Save up to 30% on operating expenses
          by reducing energy usage and ongoing life cycle costs
        • Improve environment of work and occupant productivity
          with advanced environmental controls and compliance to strict standards and codes
        • Improve occupant satisfaction
          with efficient and personalised room control
        • Streamlined operation, training, administration, maintenance and service
          with the simplicity and ease-of-use provided by a single user interface


        Differentiation factors


        Open platforms and backward compatibility provide flexibility and scalability to easily handle future integrations
        • Seamless integration with best-in-class third party systems
        • User-friendly interfaces for occupants and staff improve productivity





        Please refer to the Downloads section to view the full architecture drawing.

        Main characteristics

        Schneider Electric offers the most open, scalable, and IT-friendly building management systems in the industry. Our systems feature unique support for open protocols and interfaces:

        • LON®, BACnet®, Modbus® OPC, ODBC
        • Ethernet, TCP/IP
        • SQL databases for an Open Database architecture
        • ZigBee-ready wireless solution
        • SNMP, LDAP, TGML graphics/XML

        Our intelligent building management system provides monitoring and control of various engineering systems to maintain strict environmental conditions that are required within the building environment.

        • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
        • Motion control
        • Environmental room control
        • Utility monitoring
        • Energy reporting
        • Lighting control
        • Fire alarm


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        Solution breakdown

        Main products & systems:
        • Building management system: Continuum
        • Building management system: Vista
        • Fire detection: