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Hospitals solution: Advanced open and integrated HVAC control in hospitals


Value proposition

Main Drivers

  • To become a centre for medical students, researchers and conference delegates from around the world, hospitals choose Schneider Electric as sole supplier because it understands the hospital's critical environment and expansion needs.

Solution in brief

  • The solution offers secure integration capabilities with all third-party systems. It allows heating and ventilation to be individually controlled in all patient rooms.

Value proposition

  • Peace of mind: Flexibility in customising climate in critical environments
  • One responsibility: seamless integration with third-party systems
  • Business continuity: Forecasted energy savings
  • Flexibility: Expandable system for future growth
  • IT Management: 24/7 reliability of system monitoring

Differentiation factor

  • This system solution means a total quality healthcare environment and efficient facility operation.



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Solution breakdown

Main products & systems:
  • Building management system: Continuum
  • Building management system: Vista
    - Xenta controllers
    - Field devices (sensors, valves, actuators...)
    - PowerMeters
    - Heat meters
    - Speed drives