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Hospitals solution: Comprehensive energy efficiency services for private sector buildings


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • In a typical building HVAC and lighting consume over 70% of the energy, and energy costs can be up to 30% of the operating budget.
  • Renovation can yield up to 30% of energy cost savings
  • Return on investment of 20 to 50%


Energy prices continue to rise and facility budgets are under intense scrutiny. Businesses of all sizes are concerned about meeting evolving energy conservation mandates. How do you meet these challenges? With the help of Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management.

Solution in brief
EnergyEdge is our comprehensive energy savings programme developed for private sector businesses that are looking for fast payback and significant ROI.

Value proposition
Through sustained energy conservation measures that reduce operating costs, improve building performance and boost employee productivity, EnergyEdge can save you as much as 30% in utility costs.




Main characteristics

As your energy savings partner, Schneider Electric will:

• Identify opportunities for energy savings that meet your financial criteria.
• Show how your investment will pay for itself through reduced energy costs.
• Help you optimise your environmental controls for workforce productivity.
• Ensure sustained energy savings through ongoing monitoring, analysis, and reporting.
• Help you take advantage of incentives from government or other authorities for energy projects.
• Help you meet mandated energy directives.
• Enable you to meet corporate social responsibility goals and create good will with stakeholders through reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions .

We've helped hotel, hospital, data centre, life science and commercial office customers around the world drive down energy consumption and achieve significant energy savings.

EnergyEdge is a five step process:

  • 1. Energy Assessment– We compare your utility bills to similar facilities in the region to determine the energy conservation opportunities.
  • 2. Preliminary¬†Report -A high-level site survey to identify potential energy conservation measures to align your energy profile with business objectives.
  • 3. Comprehensive Analysis - Through a detailed energy analysis of the facility by a Certified Energy Manager, we create a programme and plan to improve facility operation and meet energy targets.
  • 4. Programme Implementation - We work closely with customers throughout the implementation process to verify that goals are met, with regular milestones and reports.
  • 5. Sustained Performance - We regularly review the project and results, make sure performance goals are met, and fine-tune to ensure continued energy efficiency and savings.

This programme is currently available in the following countries and areas:
United States, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, UK, India, Australia, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong.


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Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Energy saving audit and consulting
  • Ongoing monitoring and measuring to ensure energy savings are maintained