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HVAC solutions are the foundation for taking control of energy usage in your building. They optimize environments for enhanced productivity, protection of assets, and process control.

HVAC Control applications include products, systems and services aimed at controlling environmental conditions (temperature, air displacement speed, moisture, CO2, etc.) for:

  • occupant comfort, safety and productivity
  • building efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption
  • reduced operation, maintenance and repair costs

Pains & drivers

HVAC Controls are key components that connect and control building management systems and their response to the physical environment.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning can represent over 40% of energy consumption in many buildings and facilities. Improved control and management of ventilation, temperature and system usage can reduce energy consumption and sustain it at the optimal level.

From simple stand-alone control products up to global building management systems, applying HVAC solutions can save up to 30% on energy consumption.

How can a customer manage energy more efficiently?

Different methods can be combined to save energy costs for HVAC in a range of 15% to 30%:

  • Program temperature set point according to occupancy
  • Adapt heating or cooling production power according to real building needs
  • Raise temperature to comfort level when occupant presence is detected
  • Adapt ventilation flow according to occupancy or internal air pollution level
  • Recover heating or cooling energy from extracted air

Schneider Electric is a leading global supplier of HVAC Control products and services that maximize operating efficiencies in new and retrofit environments. Our offering includes a comprehensive range of innovative products that allow us to create customized solutions that help solve customers' energy challenges and deliver superior performance year after year.

Smart valves, actuators, sensors, thermostats and variable speed drives combine to reduce and optimize energy usage.

Millions of products are shipped daily to customers around the world, spanning a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential building applications. We help people all over the world efficiently take control of their building's energy costs — better control of your building's systems means better control of your costs and energy usage.


Solutions or architectures used in the application

Solutions or architectures used in the application
  • Stand-alone control products are used for local or central control (time switches, thermostats, clock-thermostats, stand-alone controllers).
  • HVAC control systems permanently provide each area with optimised environmental conditions.
  • Building Management Systems control HVAC among various functions, such as lighting control, blind control, or security.
  • Energy services enable systems to secure year-round maximum savings and high comfort level for occupants. Energy services can include:
    - Engineering services
    - Commissioning
    - Maintenance
    - Energy reporting
    - Monitoring & Targeting


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