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Quiron Hospital (Spain)

Reference: Hospitals We estimate the CAPEX reduction as about 20% versus traditional, non integrated approach
OPEX reduction for energy savings of 17% to 38%




Customer profile:

The Quirón Group in Spain is one of the most important private hospital groups in the country, with 6 campuses in Valence, San Sebastián, Zaragossa (2), Madrid, Barcelona, and 3 projects Valencia, Bilbao, and Seville.

The Quirón Group in Figures:

1230 employees

110 doctors

760 beds

160.620 m2 of medical floor area


Customer objective and constraints:

  • Quiron Hospital in Madrid is a health centre that combines the best of public health (medical staff, technicians, investigation) and the private health sector (installations, treatment, etc).
  • The main goal is to become a reference in the private health sector in Spain through: Singular Building, High technology, Prestige attention, Investigation, Comfort and Confidence for the patient.


Quirón's main needs that were addressed in this project included:

  • Reliability
  • Continuity of service
  • Monitoring
  • Comfort and safety
  • Maitenance guarantee
  • Cost effectiveness



Implementation methodology (main phases):

The Quiron Hospital project has achieved a major milestone: "To be an integrated Total Schneider Solution".
This was possible thanks to:

  • Coordination between the different teams involved in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Customer confidence through 1 Single Point Of Contact to the customer
  • Economic and technical proposal fitting customer's need
  •  Win-Win negotiation


Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

Schneider Electric provided an integrated solution for the whole infrastructure of a hospital, including HVAC, security, power management, lighting control, and supervision systems. TAC Vista integrates all subsystems within the building, including heating and cooling in operatiing rooms, regulation and control of air-treatment unit, alarm management, and CCTV. The Okken low voltage switchboard supplies the main switch boards of the hospital, and integrates the necessary signals for operation and supervision with the Advantix STB modules communicating by Ethernet with the main PLC.

Services and maintenance optimisation includes guaranteed work and materials for 2 years, with 24-hour service during those two years. Training support, annual package for maintenance, software updates and control system maintenance are also included.


How did we estimate the energy savings (methodology, tools, ...)

The TAC Vista building management system offered energy savings by controlling the following:
- Zone scheduling: Defined hospital areas that could reduce or shut down HVAC and lighting according to a set schedule.
- Night/Unoccupied setback: HVAC comfort settings are changed during unoccupied hours.
- Optimum start: Determines latest possible time for HVAC equipment to start and bring building setpoints to comfort levels for occupancy.
- Optimum stop: Determines earliest possible time to initiate setback temperatures before unoccupied periods, while still maintaining comfort.
- Variable frequency drives: Optimised the power consumed by HVAC fans and pumps. Using VFDs, a 20% reduction in fan speed results in a 49% decrease in electrical consumption.




Customer benefits:

The first benefit Quiron Hospital acquired in this project is cost effectivenness:

  • They obtained a CAPEX reduction thanks to an integrated solution, reducing cabling and commissionning, reducing the number of gateways and interfaces, and allowing the devices to be shared between application. We estimate this CAPEX reduction as about 20% versus the traditional, non integrated approach.
  • They obtained an OPEX reduction for Energy savings of 17% to 38% thanks to a combination of:
    - Efficient devices and efficient installation (10 to 15 %)
    - Optimized usage of installation and devices (5 to 15%), through the right scheduling, and optimised regulation
    - Permanent monitoring and improvement programme (2 to 8%)

The second benefit is reliability:

  • Reliability during the project, thanks to integrated, pre-tested solutions, and a project manager "single point of contact" managing the different project risks (cost, perfomance, deadline)
  • Reliability during facility operation as, thanks to integration, installation is simpler, with less cables, easier to maintain, and all the information is concentrated at the right place for the right persons.

The third benefit is flexibility and evolutivity:

  • Thanks to the use of standards and open communication means, Quiron Hospital is well placed to cope with the changes occurring frequently in this type of facility (addition of a new building, new medical equipment,...)

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

Schneider Electric differentiates themselves from competitors by:

  • Developing good relationships with the owner and main contractors.
  • Increasing customer confidence and savings.
  • Providing a single point of contact for the whole project.

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Solution breakdown

Main products & systems:
  • Building management system: Vista
  • Integrated products (HVAC + security):
  • LV/MV power devices