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        Mining, Minerals, Metals solution: Enterprise energy management




        Value proposition

        • Costs increase, profit margins shrink and emissions targets threaten to limit growth. Energy, in many cases, becomes the second or third highest capital expenditure in an organisation. Managing how it is purchased and used is of strategic importance.

        Solution in brief
        • PowerLogic ION EEM is a comprehensive enterprise-level, energy focused business intelligence software solution.

        Value proposition 
        • It encompasses different utility and data source types with the direct purpose being to quantify the costs of energy and relate them to a customers' everyday business processes.
        • Industrial plants can save up to 15% or more on process-related energy use and over 7% in total utility costs if opportunities are properly identified and addressed (Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy).
        • Savings can be far higher when taking into account the additional productivity gains and avoiding capital costs achieved through a more reliable and efficient energy infrastructure.
        • For each efficiency project, the expected return on investment can often be exceeded when programmes implement industry standard techniques in measurement and verification

        Differentiation factors
        • Sustaining an energy management programme costs around 1 to 2% of total energy expenditure (omitting capital expenses). PowerLogic ION EEM provides you with all useful information inspiring confidence in decision making:
          - Energy Usage and Cost Analysis
          - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
          - Energy Procurement and Bill Verification
          - Marginal energy costs per production unit
          - Sub-billing and Cost Allocation
          - Baseline, benchmark, and forecast energy
          - Measurement and Verification
          - Multi-site Analysis and Load Aggregation
          - Power Quality Analysis
          - Centralised Energy Information data store
          - Web portal and Digital Dashboards
          - Enterprise Data Quality
          - Interoperability with disparate data source
        Enterprises with multiple sites and complex energy data.




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        Solution breakdown

        Main products & systems:
        • Enterprise energy management software: ION EEM
        • Power meters: PM650