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        Mining, Minerals, Metals solution: Process safety solutions


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        Solution in brief
        In order to protect your employees and the environment, to ensure that your process is safer and more efficient, and to meet safety best practices as defined in the IEC 61511 standard, we offer a solution for your safety system requirements based on a worldwide recognised offer and proven technology. PlantStruxure delivers the flexibility to combine both safety and process applications in a single system.

        Value proposition
        Ensure maximum safety
        - The Modicon Quantum safety system is SIL3-certified by TÜV Rheinland and is conform to IEC61508, ensuring your application meets IEC61511 safety standards.
        - It provides an optimum solution that ensures the safety of critical industrial processes, especially in sectors such as Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, energy, and critical infrastructures.
        Ensure maximum system availability
        - The Quantum safety system can also be integrated within a Quantum Hot Standby redundant system architecture. Hot Standby technology combines with safety for a totally integrated, safe redundant architecture that includes processors, power supplies, I/O, remote I/O, SCADA, HMI and cabling systems.
        Optimise operations
        The common hardware, communication and software simplifies maintenance and minimises training, and Quantum Hot Standby offers the ability to repair any fault without interrupting the process.
        Reduce asset cost and protect your investment
        - You capitalise on your existing experience when introducing safety features into an existing system.
        - You benefit by keeping your normal maintenance and operation practices, as well as your installed PLC equipment.
        Value proposition



        Main characteristics

        • IEC61508 safety certified PLC by TÜV Rheinland Group
        • Applicable up to SIL3
        • 1oo2 Hot Repair fault tolerant system
        • Scalable common SIS (Safety Instrumentation System) and BPCS (Basic Process Control System) PLC platform
        • Safety expertise services to support end users:
          - HAZOP (Hazard and Risk Analysis)
          - Design of safety functions
          - Execution capabilities
        • Migration tools and services.

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