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Value proposition

Solution in brief
The TAC Vista building management system, based on open, standards-based technology, enables you to fully integrate all building systems on one network-across enterprises-from a single software platform. A single user interface, accessible locally or remotely via the web, gives you a complete view of all your systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy consumption, access control, video surveillance, intrusion, fire and smoke detection, electrical distribution, power quality and monitoring.

Value proposition
  • By merging communications, data collection, information sharing and networking into a single, interoperable system, TAC Vista creates efficient, economical building control solutions.
  • Coordinated control across all facility systems can provide up to 30% reduction in overall energy usage: you can achieve significant cost reductions in operation and maintenance of your facility.

Differentiation factors
  • The most open, scalable and IT-friendly building management system in the industry:
    - Unique support of IT-standards and web-based solutions.
    - Industry leading graphics.
    - Integrated building automation and security.
    - The most flexible and easy-to-use zone solutions.
    - Based on LonWorks® and supports other industry-leading technologies: TCP/IP, BACnet®, Modbus® and Ethernet.
  • Support throughout the entire life cycle of buildings by providing training, technical help desk, regular inspection and function testing or call-out maintenance, remote monitoring and spare parts.



Main characteristics

TAC Vista enhances your control of energy usage. You can easily see what's happening through reports, and adjust controls as needed to optimise your building's energy performance.

TAC Vista allows you to track energy costs by actual usage (not just by floor area), identify energy-inefficient equipment, factor in existing weather conditions to adjust building systems, and produce reports to meet regulatory and certification requirements.

TAC Vista gives you powerful tools for real-time analysis and monitoring of your building's energy signature and other cost factors, both current and historic.

With TAC Vista you can achieve significant energy efficiency through:
-Scheduled-based heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting control
-Occupancy-based environmental controls
-Customisable energy reports
-Night setback, Night ventilation purge
-Optimal start/stop
-Chiller / Boiler plant optimisation
-Heating/cooling equipment lockout
-Supply air temperature reset
-Variable Air Volume (VAV) pressure and flow control
-Outside air reduction
-Economiser control
-Electrical demand limiting
-Domestic hot water control


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