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            Reference: Oil & Gas

            ExxonMobil (Cameroon)

            Pipeline Compression substation E-house for power supply

            Reference: Oil & Gas



            Customer profile:

            • Exxon Mobil, one of the leading world oil compagnies and the engineering firm KBR are the contractors of this major project.

            Customer objective and constraints:

            • Transport by pipeline, the oil extracted in fields located from the south of Chad in the region of Duba up to the maritime terminal of Kirbi in Cameroon.
            • This 1070 km long pipeline required the construction of 10 compression substations.
            • Manage and supply the entire electrical package in less than one year.
            • Entrust production to a manufacturer of international renown and who is recognised in the petrochemical industry.



            Implementation methodology (main phases):

            • Based on KBR's specifications, Schneider Electric provided ExxonMobil with its experience and its management skills in international projects:
               Definition: choice and sizing of equipment, layout and connection diagrams, etc.
               Design and manufacture: of 10 substations with large prefabricated metal buildings to house all the devices.
               Technical operation and maintenance files.


            • 2 years: 2002 to 2003

            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

            Shelter composition: 
            • MCset cubicles with Sepam 2000 or Sepam 1000+ digital protection units, with Modbus link to the central station
            • Masterbloc MB200/400 cubicles equipped with Masterpact circuit-breakers and draw-out units, with Modbus link to the central station
            • AC and DC distribution panels, alarm panels with Sepam 2000,
            • Batteries and battery chargers for back-up supply and auxiliaries
            • Earthing resistors
            • 6.6 kV and LV busducts
            • air conditioning equipement, etc.
            The substations are fed by transformers connected to the 33 and 63 kV lines of the local electrical distribution network.
            The shelters feed the MV and LV motors of the compression stations by means of 63-33/6.6 kV and 6.6 kV/480V step-down transformers.

            Key data:
            • 37 transformers from 1 to 47 MVA,
            • 67 MCset cubicles and 160 Masterbloc cubicles.



            Customer benefits:

            • Management and supply of the complete power supply for 10 compression stations in less than 1 year.

            Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

            • Deep understanding of MV/LV power supply networks.
            • Complete Solution and service provided, not only the products 
            • Strategic partnership with KBR
            • Capacity to provide Design Engineering

            To know more 

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            Solution breakdown

            Main services:
            • Engineering services: Services
            Main products & systems:
            • MCset cubicles
            • Sepam 2000 or 1000+
            • Modbus
            • Masterbloc MB200/400
            • AC and DC distrution panels
            • Batteries and battery chargers for back-up supply and auxiliaries
            • Earthing resistors
            • 6.6 kV and LV busducts