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Oil & Gas
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            Reference: Oil & Gas

            Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited (Qatar)

            Global MV / LV solution provides high safety electrical power distribution for a LNG Plant

            Reference: Oil & Gas



            Customer profile:

            • The 4 billion USD Qatargas project is the biggest project ever implemented in the area. This includes off-shore gas production, treatment station, the 6 million tonnes per year LNG plant and associated facilities and utilities.
            • TOTAL is a 10 % partner in the operating company QATARGAS, alongside the Qatar national company QGPC (65 %), Mobil (10 %), and two Japanese trading companies Mitsui and Marubeni (7.5 % each).

            Customer objective and constraints:


            • Project: to supply reliable and consistent MV / LV equipment and an appropriate Power Distribution Control System (PDC System).
            • Total's objective: ensure maximum consistency among equipment provided through several engineering Companies.





            Implementation methodology (main phases):

            • Design and engineering: 25 000 hours
            • Signing of the contract: April 1994
            • Supply of the equipment: started December 1994
            • Commissioning: started August 1995
            • First gas shipment: December 1996


            16 months


            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

            • Engineering and design
            • MV Electrical equipement
            • Power Distribution Control System



            Customer benefits:

            • Project Management and co-ordination among suppliers and engineering companies.
            • Electrical equipment specifications.
            • Development and implementation of the PDC system.

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            Solution breakdown

            Main services:
            • Engineering services: Services
            • Electrical network studies
            • Design

            Engineering and design:
            • project management and co-ordination among suppliers and Engineering companies,
            • electrical equipment specifications,
            • development and implementation of the PDC System.

            • 33 kV SEPAM 2000 digital protection and control units,
            • 6.6 kV Fluair 100 type switchgear,
            • 6.6 kV busducts,
            • Electrical Integrated Operator's Control desk,
            • Power Distribution Control System,
            • commissioning assistance and training.