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            Reference: Oil & Gas

            Sinopec (China)

            Pipeline Boosting station control system

            Reference: Oil & Gas Powerful control: 10K instructions per 1ms
            Powerful control: 10K instructions per 1ms




            Customer profile:

            • The longest Pipeline in China. From Xinjiang, West China to Shanghai, East China, 4000Km main line.
            • 120x108Nm3/a natural gas transferred
            • Pipeline diameter: 1016mm
            • Pressure: 10MPa
            • 44 Station Control System (SCS) with Hot-standby CPUs
            • 146 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with single CPU
            • Redundant control centre in Beijing and Shanghai
            • Western Development Strategy

            Customer objective and constraints:

            • Ensure safety
            • Control local equipment
            • Control the whole system via a control centre
            • Giant process I/O: temperature, pressure, flow meter, turbine compressor, fire alarm, cathodic protection
            • Control logic and arithmetic



            Implementation methodology (main phases):

            • Powerful function selection
            • Redundant architecture
            • Flexible architecture
            • Opening communication protocol


            • 2 years: 2003 to 2004

            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):



            Customer benefits:

            • Since initial run in 2004, 4 years of successful operation.
            • Ensures the pipeline provides users with stable natural gas.

            System Function:
            • Powerful functions to meet device control and remote control requirements.
            • Stable quality: ensures stable operation in high and low temperature at Xinjing and humid conditions in South China.
            • Redundant architecture meets the requirement of 24/7 system operation to ensure pipeline safety.

            Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

            • Automatic data transfer from primary to Standby without any specific configuration.
            • All services in an "all-in-one" network.

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            Solution breakdown

            Main services:
            • Engineering services: Services
            Main products & systems:
            • Quantum HSB
            • Quantum SIL2
            • Remote I/O
            • HMI
            • Operation station software Vijeo-Citect