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            Reference: Oil & Gas

            Sonatrach / Andarko (Algeria)

            Hassi Berkine Sud - Development Stage 1

            Reference: Oil & Gas



            Customer profile:

            • Anadarko Algeria Corporation, a subsidiary of Anadarko U.S., in association with Sonatrach, has been at the origin of the biggest recent oil discoveries worldwide.
            • As one of the oil reserves of the Ghadames Basin in the East Algerian Sahara desert, Hassi-Berkine - Sud is estimated to contain more than 1 billion barrels of oil. Sonatrach/Anadarko awarded Brown & Root - Condor, a joint venture between Sonatrach and Halliburton, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract for this first development stage which produces 60,000 barrels/day.

            Customer objective and constraints:

            To place a turnkey order with a reliable manafacturer, able to carry out the project in a short time.




            Implementation methodology (main phases):

            • Letter of award: October 1996
            • Order technically released: February 1997
            • Delivery date: August 1997
            • Commissioning: January-March 1998
            • First Oil: April 1998


            From October 1996 to March 1998.


            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

            • Turnkey project management
            • Engineering and design
            • MV and LV equipement
            • On site installation and commissioning supervision
            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):



            Customer benefits:

            • Turnkey project management
            • Fast track project
            • Maximum flexibility in late modification requests

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            Solution breakdown

            • One 7.5 MVA oil filled transformer 11 kV/5.5 kV,
            • four 4 MVA oil filled transformers 11 kV/5.5 kV,
            • two large prefabricated powerhouses fully equipped with HVAC system, fire protection system, lighting and auxiliaries,
            • one 11 kV and two 5.5 kV switchboards/ MCCs (Fluair range) with Sepam protection and control units,
            • three 400 V switchboards (Masterbloc) and eleven 400 V MCCs (TDI),
            • six 400 V busducts (3150 A),
            • AC and DC UPS systems,
            • three auto transformer starters,
            • one generator synchronising panel,
            • LV distribution boards,