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            Reference: Oil & Gas

            TOTAL Libya (Libya)

            Electrical network and its control and monitoring system installed on the Mabruk site

            Reference: Oil & Gas



            Customer profile:

            • Total is the 4th largest publically-traded integrated international oil and gas company and a world-class chemical manufacturer, operating in more than 130 countries.
            • Mabruk is a Total industrial site for treatment and compression of gas located in Libya in the middle of the desert. The electrical network of this production site had to be revamped in order to cope with the increase in electrical consumption.

            Customer objective and constraints:

            • Guarantee reliability of electrical power production and distribution and allow the operator to control and supervise the electrical network from the control room.
            • Benefit from the installation of a digital control and monitoring system to offer process operators supervision of this system.



            Implementation methodology (main phases):

            • Assistance and advice in preparing the solution with TOTAL in order to obtain an homogeneous and open-ended system, allowing incorporation of future extensions.
            • A relevant overview of the electrical network and the gas process.
            • Commissioning taking into account site production constraints.

            Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):


            1 digital control and monitoring system with 3 main functions:

            • management of the electrical network,
            • management of the gas process,
            • the human/machine interface.


            Installation of a new electrical network consisting of a 20 kV busbar made up of:

            • 6 generator diesel incomers,
            • 3 transformer feeders supplying three LV busbars,
            • 6 feeders to electrical satellites supplying the various pumps installed near the wells.

            All these feeders and incomers are built using SM6 cubicles equipped with Sepam digital protection units.


            Modernisation of the devices installed in the 6 satellites located at 1 to 20 km to incorporate them in the system

            All of the MV cubicles, the digital protection devices and the digital control and monitoring system were installed, cabled in a "shelter" and tested.




            Customer benefits:

            Increase the autonomous electrical power production capacity, rationalise the distribution of this power and provide operators with an electrical network digital control and monitoring system.


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